La2 sadie

Sadie, holding the Summer Trumpet

Trumpet is a weapon used by Sadie in Luminous Arc 2 and it sequel, Luminous Arc 3. They have a range of 2 spaces vertical, one space away from the user and hit in a cross pattern


Luminous Arc 2Edit

In Luminous Arc 2, Sadie uses trumpet as a weapon and as medium to use her wind magic. As a musical instrument, trumpet wasn't used to attack target directly, but used it's sound wave to deal damage to the opponent. Trumpet is also a powerful ranged weapon, be able to damage up to five opponents at once, but it is hampered by Sadie low attack stat, still, that problem is mostly ignored after you obtain Horn of Anemoi. Sadie can also do some magical attack via the trumpet through Sonar Passion and her Flash Drive, Serenade.
Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Summer Trumpet ATK+15 MAG+30 MP+10 Intial equipment -
Fall Trumpet ATK+25 MAG+38 MP+15 Pearl Park 2,300 Rico
Winter Trumpet ATK+30 MAG+46 MP+20 Castle Plaza 3,150 Rico
Typhoon Trumpet ATK+30 MAG+55 MP+10 Castle Plaze 4,800 Rico
Fujin Trumpet ATK+30 MAG+63 MP+20 Demon King Quest -
Horn of Anemoi ATK+90 MAG+70 MP-10 Hemill Ruin 10,000 Rico

Luminous Arc 3Edit

In the battle at Breeze Spa, Sadie once again equip trumpet as her weapon of choice.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Horn of Anemoi ATK+90 MAG+70 Unobtainable N/A


  • In the japanese version, Sadie title is "Dancing Breeze Witch". Which one of the reason that trumpet was chosen for her weapon.
  • Fujin Trumpet literally mean "Wind God Trumpet"
  • In ancient Greek religion and myth, the Anemoi (in Greek, Ἄνεμοι — "winds") were Greek wind gods who were each ascribed a cardinal direction from which their respective winds came, and were each associated with various seasons and weather conditions.
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